Dominique | Hands
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14 May Hands

I have lost track on what number theme I am on, but last week I drew hands and I am a little rusty. I’ve never had serious issues drawing hands and have always looked for excuses to draw them. I did a drawing of someone drinking out of a giant mug solely to focus on the hands and have a linocut of hands on a violin among other random hand obsessed doodles. I have however been criticized that my hands are too cylindrical, and not angular enough, and I happen to remember exactly which instructor said it. So last week I did a few where I tried to focus on planes that are also very unlike my style, and a few quick loose ink ones. Since I have always been a fan of Schiele I do like the loose ink, but the angular ones remind me of a criminal character so I will have to find an in between.
The last one is a drawing of a beautiful sculpture by Michael Keropian.