Dominique | Food styling sketches
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27 May Food styling sketches

I have found myself looking at a lot of food styling photography, so I decided to do some thumbnail sketches in order to better observe how photographers are working. A few things I learned is you need a lot of props: a million type of textured fabrics/towels, various types of silverware, cutting boards, bowls and plates that match/accent the food and all sort of boards for backgrounds (lots of wood, some slate, or marble). Monochromatic compositions such as white on white are quite popular, and when in doubt slices of citrus make for interesting color and texture.

So to really get into food photography, not only do I need to find someone to prepare some lovely food for me to shoot, it turns out I also do not have the props needed or storage for them. Still, if I find some time I might explore some simpler ideas focusing on ingredients and textures.