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25 Feb

Theme No. 7 | Trip to Chicago. Travel drawings from a short trip to Chicago. A bit rougher than...

22 Feb

Two drawings from last week. Trying some colored pencils, and some watercolor pencils in the second...

06 Feb
Drawing houses

Drawing everyday hasn't been as easy as I thought, and last week I had to miss...

28 Jan
January 2014 Drawings

A long overdue post on the first 4 weeks of my attempt to sketch every day. These...

23 Jun
String drawing

The other day I had to dye some string and started drawing marks with it while...

08 Mar
Easter Coloring Book

I illustrated (and designed) my first coloring book! Was that on my bucket list? Yes it was, without...

22 Jan
A dog day Monday

This tends to happen a lot during staff meetings and conference calls: I doodle. Last time bees,...

31 Oct
Mind your bee-si-ness

It's sad, but this is the most I've drawn in a while. Hardly counts as drawing...