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21 Apr
Furry Friends

Theme No. 14 + 15 | Animals A few more from two weeks of drawing animals everyday. Things I discovered:...

21 Apr
Animals II

The Easter bunny had a really long day. ...

17 Apr
Polar Bears

Theme No. 14 | Animals Currently drawing animals for a second week, so there's lots more to...

06 Apr

Theme No. 13 | Herbs A. Quickly watercoloring of a sprig sage. B. Sketch of parsley and rosemary. ...

31 Mar
Flowers II

Two more drawings from last week. Tulips and a poppy.  ...

25 Mar

Theme No. 12 | Flowers Spent last week developing some bird characters for an illustration that will hopefully make...

17 Mar

Theme No. 11 | Birds A few birds from last week. Not quite a fan of the watercolor pencils...

12 Mar
What does the fox say?

Been mostly drawing quick skeletons and studying body proportions not really worth posting, so here's a...