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23 Jun

I haven't drawn people in quite a while, so I still have a lot to brush...

10 Jun

 Mostly been doing some line studies on Van Gogh's drawings since I always loved his style,...

03 Jun
A focus on hair

As I was drawing hair this week, I drew two conclusions. One I am still not...

27 May
Food styling sketches

I have found myself looking at a lot of food styling photography, so I decided to...

19 May
Tuscany Rooftops

One more from last week's rooftops. Lots of earth tones in Tuscany. ...

18 May

Had a bit of nostalgia for Europe last week and ended up drawing quite a few...

14 May

I have lost track on what number theme I am on, but last week I drew hands...

09 May
More Cats

I would like to say this is my last cat post so that I don't become...

01 May
Foxes II

The last two drawing of foxes for a while. Quickly colored in one of them since...

28 Apr

It feels like I've been drawing animals forever, but there are so many species to explore...